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Sixty-Six Oil Field Services


Vyable Industries

About Us

Sixty-Six Oil Field Services (SSOF) is making a triumphant return, redefined and rejuvenated! We're embarking on a thrilling journey, investing in ventures brimming with promise and potential. Our focus? Diversity, ethical values, and making a profound positive impact on society.

At SSOF, we're not just investing — we're actively shaping the future. Our portfolio spans a carefully curated selection of industries and sectors, each chosen for its explosive growth potential. Our mission is clear: to find and foster the diamonds in the rough, the undiscovered gems poised for greatness.

Our approach is holistic and hands-on. We offer a comprehensive suite of support services — from operational guidance and revenue growth strategies to procurement, leadership development, lean processes, IT optimization, and energy sustainability. We're committed to fostering a diverse, healthy, and thriving workplace culture. Our goal is to not just strengthen companies but to transform them, steering their strategic direction towards success and enhancing the well-being of everyone involved.

The rebirth of SSOF is a story of resilience and vision. Originally, our founders were shareholders united by a common plight — their investments were on the brink of extinction. Faced with the prospect of losing it all, they asked themselves a crucial question: Why not resurrect this company from the ashes?

The journey wasn't easy. We grappled with finding our identity, cycling through various ideas and encountering setbacks. But then, a moment of clarity: We realized our true strength lies in our collective expertise and core values. We have the knowledge, the network, and the skills to build a successful business from the ground up. Why look elsewhere when the answers lie within?

And so, the new SSOF was born, with a groundbreaking business model centered on cutting-edge technology. We're harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize Affiliate Marketing eCommerce, creating a platform that's not just efficient but transformative.

Our strategy is innovative and ambitious. We're seeking out platforms that can integrate seamlessly into our architecture, building a team of top-notch professionals who can work independently yet cohesively. Each vertical is designed to be strong on its own, yet when combined, they create a powerhouse of synergy and success.

Our focus areas are dynamic and diverse: Distilled Spirits, Recreation, Entertainment, and Technology. We're on a quest to discover companies on a similar trajectory, those in need of guidance to refine their business models, making their products and services irresistible to customers.

And the best part? If our subsidiaries soar to new heights and are ready to spread their wings, we're prepared to let them fly solo. At SSOF, it's not just about building businesses — it's about launching legacies. Join us on this exhilarating adventure, and be part of a movement that's redefining the landscape of business and investment!

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