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Sixty-Six Oil Field Services


Vyable Industries

Officers and Directors

Daniel Sobolewski - CEO/Founder


A seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record in business revitalization and strategic investments, Daniel Sobolewski is recognized for his exceptional leadership and business acumen. As the Founder of the restructured SSOF, Daniel demonstrated remarkable resilience and strategic foresight. Faced with the potential collapse of his initial investment, he chose to stand firm, leveraging his extensive experience to not only preserve but also enhance the value of the company and its shareholders' investments.

As one Founder of SSOF he has orchestrated the successful turnaround and revitalization of SSOF, safeguarding shareholder investments and setting a new strategic direction for growth and profitability. Early on he employed deep market analysis and strategic planning to overcome critical challenges, leading the way for the company to recover.

Daniel as a Serial Entrepreneur & Investor who has spearheaded multiple entrepreneurial ventures across various industries, showcasing versatility and a keen eye for profitable opportunities. He has clearly demonstrated exceptional skill in identifying and capitalizing on market trends, leading to successful business ventures in sports equipment and hospitality.

He took on a fledgling Sports Entertainment Food & Beverage Franchise in Central Florida becoming Owner and manager of four high-value franchise locations in diverse counties, optimizing operations for maximum efficiency and profitability. Exhibited foresight in market dynamics, successfully exiting the venture at a peak valuation and reinvesting profits back into the businesses. Eventually, exiting all four selling to a major owner while reinvesting once again into more lucrative opportunities by creating as Principal Officer, DB Capital (Family Office Investment Firm) that specialized in startup financing, providing crucial support for inventory and materials to facilitate revenue generation and account receivables for early-stage companies. He plays a pivotal role in his investments by helping in business restructuring, aiding companies in distress to navigate financial challenges and avoid bankruptcy.

Skills & Expertise:

  • Strategic Business Turnaround & Growth

  • Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

  • Entrepreneurial Venture Development

  • Franchise Management & Operations

  • Startup Financing & Business Restructuring

  • Market Trend Analysis & Capitalization

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