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Sixty-Six Oil Field Services


Vyable Industries

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Growth Strategies

Our business model is designed to preserve and grow our capital, provide financial security for our shareholders and our employees while contributing to the overall economic growth and prosperity in our communities.

We'll leverage the capital markets to find expansion capital with like minded investors who believe in the fundamentals we've set forth to build out our principal stepping stones. 

People have asked why be publicly traded? It allows our investors, employees, our customers families an opportunity to invest along side us for our futures.

The stigmatism attached to current markets provides affordability for everyone and not just the wealthy. Our government preaches equality for the masses with equitable wealth distribution. We've provided an outlet for that very opportunity.

Any decision to enter in the capital markets is risky. The uncertainties currently faced in today's world must be considered when  evaluating any company. If you are not prepared to lose your entire investment then you should not take the risk. Our success or failure is dependent on our management teams implementing the business plans adopted while preparing to make alterations when required.  We will have to raise expansion capital to grow our businesses now and in the future. Whether that is in debt or share offerings. That can cause a positive or negative impact depending in the market. Ours is a long-term business venture. Short-term thinking brought us here but with the support of of existing shareholders, investors and our employees we will continue our path forward.  Please consider all the risk and consult your financial advisor.

Traded Under Symbol SSOF
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